"This is a historic visit and a historic opportunity (to further improve bilateral ties)," said Obama during a meeting with U.S. Embassy officials in Cuba and family members.

As noted, the Cuban leader Raul Castro met the US President at the airport. Instead at the international airport Jose Marti Obama welcomed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno rodríguez, Cuban and American officials and employees. In this regard, the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump stated that Obama's meeting in Cuba took place without due respect.

"President Obama just landed in Cuba a big deal, but Raul Castro did not even greet him. He met the Pope and others. No respect," wrote trump on Twitter.

Speaking about the work of the Embassy, Obama noted that the diplomatic mission allows "more effectively promote our interests and values". He praised American diplomats that "every day bring the U.S. and Cuba", RIA "news".

Meeting with the staff of the Embassy became the first Obama event in Havana after arrival. After this, and despite the rain, made a small walk through the historic center of Havana, made since 1982 in the world heritage list. The American President, his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha started the walk with a visit to the capital's Plaza de Armas - Plaza de Armas - accompanied by chief historian of the city Eusebio Leal.

Obama has expressed interest in other historic structures, such as built in 1780 the Palace of the captain generals, which was the seat of the island government at a time when Cuba was a Spanish colony, reports TASS.

The President and his entourage also visited the Cathedral of Havana, where cardinal of the Catholic Church of Cuba, Jaime Ortega at the entrance to the Church greeted the guests. At one point walks Obama greeted Cuban citizens who had gathered in and around the Cathedral the streets.

Barack Obama became the first acting head of the U.S. visited Cuba in the last 88 years to visit. The U.S. and Cuba in December 2014 announced the normalization, and in July of last year restored diplomatic relations, interrupted more than 50 years ago after the revolution in Cuba.

The American President will stay in Cuba until 22 March, accompanied by Secretary of state John Kerry and a delegation that includes businessmen of large U.S. companies and 40 members of Congress.