Before this most wet was the fall of 2012, when total rainfall in September, October and November reached an average of 252 mm, or 126% of normal.

In the autumn of this year until November 20, in Latvia fell an average of 286 mm or 143% of the autumn normal.

In October the amount of precipitation reached 114 mm or 158% long average in September is 129 mm, or 195% of the monthly norm.
It is expected that November this year will be the least rainy month — total rainfall in November may be close to normal, which is 62 mm.

For all three autumn months most precipitation fell in the southwestern part of Kurzeme — in Liepaja and Rucava. The water level in the Kurzeme rivers this fall repeatedly exceeded the water level during spring floods in recent years.

The temperature this autumn was a little higher than usual. In September, the average temperature was 1.1 degrees above normal in October — 0.2 degrees below normal, while November may be 2 degrees warmer than usual.

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