Dzintars, in turn, noted that he personally "with the Russian Ambassador is ready to speak only when Russia stops its occupation of Crimea".

Earlier, the meeting with Lukyanov was held by the head of the parliamentary faction of the Union "green" and peasants August Brigmanis. The politician described the conversation as "a simple conversation", during which they discussed "human issues" and not the pressing political issues.

Brigmanis said that Lukyanov shared with him his vision of how the world develops and what is the U.S. role in the ongoing processes. They discussed the doping scandal involving Russian athletes. At the same time about what is happening in Ukraine, the diplomat and the politician decided not to speak, because, said Brigmanis, "nothing new still said there would be" — it is known that Latvia and Russia have different perspective on the this issue.

Lukyanov also visited the faction "Consent" on a familiarization visit. Speaking about why the first was the meeting with the "Consent", the head of fraction Janis Urbanovich has reminded that the party most represented in the diet.