In Klaipeda city hall on 26 April was held the conference "Smiltyne – Klaipeda resort." One of the initiators of the conference – the representative of the Klaipeda city Council Simonas Gentvilas stated that the spit will be out of reach for many vacationers, since the congestion charge was raised from 10 to 20 euros, so we need to create an alternative – to give people the opportunity to relax in Smiltyne.

"In addition, the Klaipeda municipality is preparing a tourism development strategy. It lists all the tourist advantages, but avoid the word "resort." We already have the resort, but no. Need to do some more steps to Smiltyne officially became a resort or resort area," said Gentvilas.

One of these steps – apply to the government, the other to establish an eldership Smiltyne, and most importantly, according to the politician, in Smiltyne to create such infrastructure so that it became a resort.

"Autumn resort will announce Kulautuva. Think Smiltyne she is not inferior. Only until she Klaipeda avoids the word "resort", – said Gentvilas.

"For the year Smiltyne attracts more than 500,000 people – many of them come in the Lithuanian sea Museum. For example, Trakai is visited by 350,000 people a year. In Smiltyne we have big flows, but we need to consider how to detain people for a whole day and not just for a few hours while visiting the Museum. Then Smiltyne will be a real resort. To Smiltyne we must turn not only to Klaipeda but also in the entire Lithuania", - said Gentvilas.

"Smiltyne can become part of the slow food and slow life – enjoying food at restaurants, which offer a beautiful view," said the speaker. According to him, the city administration has already prepared, announced three auctions for land lease. Entrepreneurs will have to open food service establishments.

The mayor's office with private investors also intend to reconstruct Kurhaus in Smiltyne and to transform it into a Museum space or a new Klaipeda Registrar. Its activity begins and yacht club. Another yacht club planned to open at the former cemetery of ships. Lithuanian sea Museum is planning to become a city within a city. The Museum is planned to open three outdoor pools with geothermal water. There are other interesting projects.