In his speech at the ceremony of inauguration of the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, the General said that at present, the Alliance faces a "resurgent Russia that seeks to show itself as a world power". Other challenges, in his opinion, are terrorism and the refugee crisis, which contributes to the instability in North Africa and the middle East. "To meet these challenges, we must maintain and increase our level of preparedness and mobility in the spirit to be able to fight today, if deterrence fails",— quotes Mr. Scaparotti the press service of the Pentagon.

Earlier in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, General, U.S. air force Philip Breedlove, who left the post of commander-in-chief of NATO in Europe, spoke on several issues, including tense relations with Russia. Mr. Breedlove was also asked how he sees the successor of Vladimir Putin. "The opinion of my advisers — and I agree — when we are talking about Russian leaders, it's not just about one person but about the head with a small circle of confidants". "I'm not sure what the situation would have been better if not supervised by Vladimir Putin. He is the voice of common sense in his inner circle," said Breedlove.

Recall Philip Breedlove urged the United States to strengthen intelligence due to the actions of Russia. Breedlove stated the need to use more modern technology, particularly reconnaissance satellites that monitor the movement of troops.