Robertson believes that his company offers a market solution to the problem of trolling. "If we can turn the comments in the article of revenue, suddenly publishers want to get this feature, will be able to invest in her working hours, and we increase the level of review," explains Robertson.

In mid-April this system was launched on the website of the newspaper San Diego Union-Tribune. Readers can now earn points which can be spent on posting their comments under the news materials in a prominent place. To score points in three ways: by posting comments, visiting the site regularly or just paying the money. 880 points you can buy for $ 10. The minimum price for placement of commentary in a prominent place — 15 points.

Tom Mallory, the Director of the division of online news San Diego Union-Tribune, explained that the newspaper was dissatisfied with the previous system of comments on Facebook and wanted to pass on to the commentators its spending on the salaries of the moderators. But the main goal is "to eradicate trollism", says Mallory.

The publication stresses that not everyone who wants to comment, must pay. Just above the Commentary added three seats that can be sold "at auction".

Robertson calculates that the political organization will buy the best places for comments under the articles, the subject of which concerns their programs and the business deemed paid comments way to save on advertising.