Dean in time to provide the necessary assistance, but nick, unfortunately, could not, and his brain was irreversibly changed. As a result, the head began to accumulate fluid, and the doctors diagnosed "hydrocephalus". At the age of two weeks, nick was a special shunt for removing excess fluid.

After returning home from the hospital the boy's condition seems to be improved. But here a new trouble – pneumonia. When the disease subsided, it was found that the previously installed shunt not working.

There have been quite a few operations, however, a positive result was not achieved. The doctor said that Nick will not be able to walk or eat on her own. But the parents did not give up, and the boy himself tried to emulate his brother, he learned to move in the Walker and eat with a spoon. However, the child's development began to slow down spasms. During sessions with a physiotherapist Nick screamed hysterically from the pain.

The boy tries to help the Saint-Petersburg regional hospital. For his treatment will take neurosurgeon Professor Viktor Pavlovich, Snimak, which has helped the Latvian girl Elizabeth Crumena with the same diagnosis, and nick. Baby, contrary to the predictions of Latvian doctors, survived. Recently, she was 4 years old. Nika documents have already been sent to St. Petersburg, where the boy in absentia consulted and are now waiting at the end of may for examination and possible surgery. We ask You to show mercy and to help the six-year-old nick to get better!

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