Mary and Catherine Putinym, apparently, watched professional outdoor advertising, remaining unnoticed for the SSF. The eldest daughter of the President allegedly used the documents to the names Patina, Pulina, Purina and Vorontsov, lived next to the American Embassy in Moscow.

Outdoor advertising is known about foreign travel Maria: "She often visited with friends Sochi, Fiji, Thailand and the Islands of the Pacific, often goes to the Netherlands and are familiar with many citizens of this country. In addition, there is evidence of the surveillance car probable son-in-law of the President".

Illegally, according to New Times, forced to live and a younger sister. Her former surname Patina, Patina, now it seems like Ekaterina Tikhonova. Her probable place of residence — the house on Mosfilmovskaya street. Sources in the FMS confirmed that the passport cover really stood out, but now they cancelled.

The dossier is referred to the close connection of Tikhonova with the co-owner of "SIBUR" Kirill Shamalov. The object of close interest, according to the papers, was a native of the Ukraine named Alina.

The correspondent of the New Times claims to have discovered them handed over the dossier to the person who was presented by the assistant of Vladimir Putin.