Cure for tick-borne encephalitis
Before deleting, you cannot spread the tick with oil or alcohol applied to it a poultice - this may make the tick vomit, which will accelerate the penetration of the virus of tick-borne encephalitis and other tick-borne diseases in the human body.

Of thousands of mites, which every year people bring to check in the laboratory of the Latvian centre of Infectology infected with tick-borne encephalitis in recent years are on average about 3% of ticks. There were years when the infection rate of ticks was 6-9%.

Most often ticks on the test are persons who are not vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis. And find out what the tick is infected, and no drugs that prevent infection, medicine can not offer. Specific medications from tick-borne encephalitis either. The only effective protection against this infection is vaccination.

Sick man after the bite of an infected tick or not, it becomes clear within the first three weeks – this time period in the case of infection usually appear the first signs. If the disease is mild, its symptoms resemble the flu – fever, headaches, pain in joints and muscles and continue for about a week. Then comes the recovery. Or the virus enters the brain and meninges. Despite the fact that many people infected with tick-borne encephalitis disease suffer mild, no doctor can predict whether you will develop a severe form of the disease – high fever, severe headaches, stiff neck, vomiting, dizziness and other complications, including life-threatening.

You can get vaccinated throughout the year
Made in Germany vaccine Encepur provides reliable and fast protection against tick-borne encephalitis for adults and children.

Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis all year round, by choosing appropriate vaccination. In normal vaccination scheme the first two vaccinations must be done at intervals of 1 month, which will provide immunity for one year within 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of vaccine. Make a third vaccination after 9-12 months after the second, which creates immunity for 3 years. Further revaccination is required only the first 3 years, then every 5 years, and persons older than 50 years – every 3 years.

If winter or early spring is not able to find the time to get vaccinated, as happens often in the confusion of Affairs, it is possible to catch up. In this case, you should choose rapid or accelerated schedule of vaccination that will ensure the formation of immunity is 21 days.

Before taking medicine consult your doctor or pharmacist and read the instructions for use of medication.


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Preparation date: 04/2016