According to him, the needs of the center will rebuild two buildings that are in ruins since the time of the withdrawal of the Soviet army.

Center plan to enclose with a concrete fence with a height of 3 meters. It will have decorative elements. Also barbed wire, which from the outside will not be seen.

Around the center to keep the maximum number of trees. It wished local residents.

Currently, the state's lack of space for placement of the detained illegal immigrants, as the center "Daugavpils" is full, said the representative of the State border guard Marik Petrushin.

Experts predict that the number of illegals will only grow.

A place under construction in Mucenieki was not chosen by chance. Over 90% of cases of expulsion from Latvia is Riga airport. Besides the capital there are embassies and consulates of foreign States that are also involved in these processes.

If the detained foreigner asks for asylum in Latvia, with the availability of these documents will be relocated to the center for temporary accommodation of refugees, which is located in the village Mucenieki.