The high-heeled shoes

That high-heeled shoes have become for you an instrument of torture — a strange, but entrenched stereotype, which, however, has absolutely nothing in common with reality and quality shoes. To new shoes bring you only pleasant feelings, when buying, pay particular attention to the toe of the Shoe and its flexibility — this part should be soft and bendable. Study and the soles — to shoes was stable, the foot should "sit" on them confidently, and the size of the sole should not be less or it already — otherwise you threaten corn and instability ( in the best case).

Now in Vogue again includes shoes with a narrow nose, however it is worth noting that owners of a wide foot better than similar shoes for yourself not to choose. When buying such shoes, pay attention to the special "pads" in the heel area and toes: these places should be soft and slightly raised. Remember that when you buy shoes made of natural materials – leather, suede or fabric, you help your legs "breathe". Besides, shoes made of synthetic materials and leather will be much less.

"Ballet flats for flying gait

Choosing shoes for every day, look to classic pumps shoes — "flats" or shoes of the "male" models — trendy this season loafers, brogues or comsam. Combining them with the right clothes, you don't risk to look like a Butch, and your feet will be very comfortable.

Especially if you walk a lot, choose shoes with orthopedic support in the area of recovery. It is desirable that the sole "ballet shoes" was not entirely flat. The material from which the outsole is made, ideally, should not be too heavy — tube or rubber is the best option, as they absorb the blows when walking. Inner surface of the Shoe should be made of natural material, because only in this case your feet will "breathe" and you will be able to avoid fading.

Comfortable sandals

"Summer footwear Essentials" or elegant sandals high-heeled — whatever you choose , first, again note the width and thickness of the sole, it is the Foundation that should ease the stress when walking and not to let you feel every pebble and a dent on the road. The width of the soles is responsible for your resistance — the wider the sole, the better. Try to avoid sandals without a back, because they can cause pain in the heels. Consider sandals and sandals with straps at the ankles – the ability to lock the Shoe in several places adds stability.

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To avoid blisters, wear sandals with straps from natural materials — suede and leather. Be sure to check that on the inner side of the straps will have no protruding parts that can stick you in the leg. If you want to add to his height a few cm, choose platform sandals — not only are they visually make you taller and slimmer, but also add to your style. This season this shoes is one of the top positions of the fashion charts!

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