In the kitchen:

What you already know. Try again. As the crust on the cake. The edges of homemade cake is not burnt, cover them with strips of aluminum foil. Foil does not allow the edges to brown before the pie is browned the whole.

The original molds for cake. Prepare the cake in a Teddy bear's birthday, in the form of a heart or any other shape as appropriate. It's enough to give a thick sheet of foil, folded in half, the desired outline and put inside the large pan.

Cake decoration. Was not at hand pastry syringe? Not a problem, roll up sheet of thick foil and fill with liquid glaze. Advantage: don't have to wash the syringe. When you are finished, just throw the foil.

The preservation of rolls and bread warm. You want to make homemade rolls or bread were piping hot for lunch or a picnic? Before folding supplies in the basket, wrap baked products in a napkin, and put down a layer of foil. Foil reflects heat, so the bread will remain warm for a long time.

So silver is not darkened. Store the cleaned silver on a sheet of aluminum foil. For long term storage first tightly wrap each piece with cellophane, and maximally removing the air and then wrap with foil, tightly sealing the ends.

Keeping quality metal sponges. You are very annoying that the metal sponge after the first active application, is left at the sink, the next day turns into a rusty ball, fit only for discarding. To avoid rust, wrap a washcloth in foil and put in the freezer.

Cleaning of the cookware. You don't have hard lips? Crumple foil and clean her pots and pans.

Care of the oven. Often cooked lasagna or casseroles, which perekipat over the edge and stain the bottom of the oven? To avoid this, lay on the grid at the bottom one or two sheets of foil. But do not put foil on the bottom of the oven: this may cause a fire.

Efficient radiator work. Is there an easy way to get more heat from the old cast-iron radiator: place for the radiator teplootdachej. To do so, attach tape thick aluminum foil to the cardboard shiny side out. The heat from the radiator is reflected by the foil and goes into the room instead of absorbed by the wall behind the radiator. If the radiator covered on top of the screen, you can attach a sheet of foil under it.

Fixing a loose battery. Your flashlight, cordless telephone, or a toy from a baby and then turn off? Check the installation of the batteries. The springs, holding them, over time, weaken and the contact is broken. Fold the piece of foil. Insert the folded foil between the battery and the spring.

Manufacturer funnel. Can't find the funnel? Fold in half long thick sheet of foil and roll the cone. At a homemade funnel has an advantage: it can be bent to reach hard to reach holes.

When Ironing:

Acceleration of Ironing. While Ironing clothes much of the heat of the iron is absorbed by the Ironing Board, forcing you to do a few movements to smooth out the creases. To speed things up you can, put it under the Ironing Board cover sheet of aluminum foil. The foil reflects heat back on linen, and wrinkles are smoothed faster.

Adhesion of patches. Patches, bonded with iron, is an easy way to patch small holes on clothes, but only if they do not stick to the Ironing Board. To avoid this, place under a hole in a piece of foil. It will not stick to the patch, and, when finished, you can easily take it off.

Cleaning of the iron. On the sole of the iron formed layer of starch, and it starts to stick to the fabric? To get rid of layers, iron iron a piece of aluminum foil.