The head of the SRS does not hide the joy: during the first seven months of 2017 average growth in tax collection rose by 7.5% in taxes on labor and simlation — as much as 10%. Ilze Cirule said that the company out of the "shadows" in particular due to the fact that SRS regularly publishes a comparison of salaries in each company and the industry average. "If wages at the enterprise are much lower than other companies in the industry, we are doing all that they made the right decision to come out of the shadows".

Not everyone is happy with Ilze Cirule. The scandals associated with the work of the SRS follow one another: it is against the inspectors are restaurateurs, it is a wave of indignation about the closure of the Many regard the dramatic action of the SRS as undermining business activity and believe that it will lead to a reduction of income to the Treasury. She Ilze Cirule does not think so, she claims that SRS operates within the legal field and the pace to slow down is not going.

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