The income of Lembergsa in the past year amounted to Euro 553 411, Sesx earned 205 406 euros, and pozarnovs - 125 of 329 euros. In fourth place is the head Ilukstsky region V different (Peasant Union of Latvia), the proceeds of which amounted to 105 € 970, while the fifth spot - the Chairman of the Duma Vinetskii edge Visvaldis Jansons ("For the development Vinetskii region"), earned 90 136 euros.

The biggest debt in 2016, was Aivars Lembergs. The total amount of debt obligations made up 15.29 million euros. Commenting on the large amount of debt, Lembergs said: "On its debt obligations I would like to inform that this debt is not to banks or any credit institutions, and my kids".

The second largest debt - the Chairman of regional Duma Ozolnieki of Dainis the liepiņš (Latvian Association of regions), its debt obligations in 2016 amounted to 391 000. In third place on the size of the debts is the Chairman of the Duma ādaži region Maris Sprindzuks (Latvian Association of regions), who owed 304 534 euros. In the fourth place by size of debt - the Chairman of the Duma Ogre Egils Helmanis ("All for Latvia"-"tessema University brivibaj University"/LNNK), the sum of its debts is $ 350,000 US. Fifth Chapter Gruzinskoi regional Duma Aivar Priedas (Peasant Union of Latvia) - 178 000 Euro.

The biggest savings declared Lembergs - 373 932 euros. Pozarnovs accumulated 263 795 euros, the mayor Zilupe Oleg Agafonov (Latgale party) - 178 473 Euro, Sessa - 157 645 euros, the head of the Dundaga regional Council of Aldis of Felts ("Our people") - 111 799 euros.