According to the report, the greatest threat in the next five years comes from "unknown risks", which was considered by the experts, for example, the fall of the asteroid or the eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO that do not directly depend on the person.

In the long term the population of the planet can threaten a pandemic, nuclear war, catastrophic climate change, and the development of artificial intelligence and robots. These threats are directly related to the person.

The report notes that the capabilities of modern terrorist organizations, in particular the "Islamic state", allow you to create with synthetic biology threat for the target group of people the virus strains.

The development of computer technology, in turn, can lead to the emergence of Autonomous groups of artificial intelligence, the need of the person and considers the latter as its competitor.

According to scientists, at present, the governments of most countries are not in a position to adequately prepare for potential threats. "There is no reason to think that humans are the pinnacle of creation and the best thing in the world," said study co-author Sebastian Farquhar.