As stated in the report, before the pirates primarily sought to capture oil tankers for their cargo, but with the fall of oil prices, they switched to kidnapping people for ransom.

The Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic ocean, countries such as côte d'ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Somali pirates off the East coast of Africa, meanwhile, has not pose the same threat as before, thanks to the international operations of the naval forces. In 2015, the Somali pirates have not captured a single commercial vessel.

In late April, reported the International Maritime Bureau, since the beginning of the year off the coast of West Africa 44 Navigator became victims of abductions. While globally, the level of piracy is decreasing: in the first quarter of 2016 year, there were 37 incidents of piracy and armed robbery, while last year during the same period there were 54 such incidents.

Every two of the three hijackings in the world are now on the pirates of Nigeria and côte d'ivoire, said the International Maritime Bureau.