If last year we just introduced themselves Declaration with some common graphs, then we decided to go ahead and first estimated the monthly cost of the political elite of Latvia. We have taken into account savings, debts and loans 2014, compared with figures for 2015, deducted the expenses and divided by the number of months in the year. We did not consider real estate transactions and shares of companies, if they were not paid in cash. The purpose of our calculations: to see how many, presumably, politicians spend a month on food, clothing, medicine, electronics, etc — in life. Note that the money they actually have to spend (or be reflected in the next year as the accumulation of).

Of course, this method has its drawbacks. For example, public servants may not declare expenses, contributions and debts if they do not exceed 20 monthly salaries (which is 7200 euros). In addition, we do not know what and who exactly these funds are spent — some living alone, others have large families. But we decided that it was better than nothing.

It turned out that the average Latvian top politician "to life" spends 14,2 minimum wage. And live beyond their means only one of them.

The debts of politicians is important. People having large debt is always manageable and there are suspicions that he may give his (or interest thereon) is not money, but services. In this regard, it is encouraging to see that, in General, debt obligations of the top politicians of Latvia for the year has not changed significantly. The exception is the Minister of health announced Belevich, who suddenly got into a debt of almost 750 thousand euros. It is known that at least 440 thousand of them went on the purchase and furnished new apartment in Riga. Giant debt Aivars Lembergs for the year will not go away.

Latvian politicians who give in debt — we don't know. But we could see as much as they should. Obligations to Guntis Belevich impressive, but here it should be noted that a year ago they were even more impressive — 4.4 million euros!

One of the mayors biggest salary? Deeper who all climbed into the pocket of the state social? Who is the champion of "alignment"? Who is in debt, as in silks, who gave out more loans and one in the "pod" is hidden the most money?

And now the same thing — for Ministers! Note that Guntis Belevich, of course, stands out sharply against the background of colleagues. How sharp is no schedule, it's hard to see.

Below we present the Declaration of top politicians of Latvia, where readability is not sacrificed for the details. The party leaders and mayors, the presidents and Prime Ministers (former and current), finally, just humble members of the Cabinet — it has everything!

  • 1. Andris Berzins — private business took off (€157 685)
  • 2. Laimdota Straujuma — don't have to (€49 249)
  • 3. Raimonds Vejonis — penny to penny (€64 392)
  • 4. Maris Kuchinskis — ex-MP with double salary (€64 372)
  • 5. Solvita āboltiņa — VW Tiguan changes every year (€39 566)
  • 6. Jānis urbanovičs — still horseless financier (€46 871)
  • 7. Inguna Sudraba — successful investor (€43 804)
  • 8. Gaidis Berzins is a one — man Bank (€73 870)
  • 9. Raivis Dzintars — with "Skoda" on "Peugeot" (€29 589)
  • 10. Alexander Bartashevich — in Rezekne, everything is calm (€28 986)
  • 11. Aivars Lembergs is on all sides champion (€485 620)
  • 12. Janis Lachplesis — nothing to boast (€24 422)
  • 13. Nil Ushakov — Mr. "two benefits" (€82 € 312)
  • 14. Uldis Sesks is the recipient of a substantial inheritance (€178 875)
  • 15. Gatis truxinic — master wonderful transformation (€30 285)
  • 16. Andris Ravins — a modest charm of Jelgava (€33 111)
  • 17. Yannis rars — invisible Minister (€31 208)
  • 18. Guntis Belevich — divorce and a new apartment (€369 109)
  • 19. Dzintars rasnačs — now with a house in the village (€31 877)
  • 20. Dace Melbarde, humble Minister of culture (€32 512)
  • 21. Evils UserAgent — poor financier and statesman (€28 251)
  • 22. Raimonds Bergmanis is a modest, unpretentious (€38 555)
  • 23. Edgars rinkēvičs — quiet drive (€39 162)
  • 24. Karlis Sadurskis, from paycheck to paycheck (€42 057)
  • 25. Richard Kozlowski — 1 cent from the Bank (€31 319,01)
  • 26. Uldis augulis — what is welfare, and the Minister (€35 066)
  • 27. Janis Duklavs — sold "KAMAZ", built a house (€39 308)
  • 28. Kaspars Gerhards, without a warm place (€31 327)