"Let's look at Putin the perfect team, established Ovechkin — suggested Bulk. — I in some case not trying to say that the money of the members of the "Putin team" dishonest and corrupt. And they're not going to specify how they should spend the money. Famous athletes received large fees and have every right to buy yourself mansions in Miami and new York. Another question: the Putin team has become a symbol of colonial power Russia".

Navalny claims that "the rich successful guys live abroad. There's also their family, prospects, hope, children and taxes".

"But we are imposing the very same power that steals everything and reduce the life so that neither Ovechkin or Kovalchuk to live here do not want. And invest the money not in the Volgograd and not to Ekaterinburg. And in Miami," he said.

According to the blogger, the representatives of the Putin Team — those people for whom Putin — love No. 2. And love no 1 — a comfortable life in luxury properties in the U.S. and Western Europe. Navalny began with Ovechkin, which is "longer Putin loves only America — a country where he has lived for the past 12 years".

Topnews.ru notes that it is in America, and more specifically, the suburb of Washington Arlington, Ovechkin bought a house for $1.6 million, and then another mansion for $4 million, and recently — two-hundred-meter apartment for $2 million in Miami.

The mother of the hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, Tatiana already commented on Ruposters "investigation" Bulk. She expressed her outrage at the publication.

"Got my son everything. Bulk-what to do? Who is he? I would sit there in silence. The patriot is found! Actually, I this person do not respect. Who is he to listen to it yet? He can go to hell!" — said Tatiana Ovechkin.