Also, Jansons stated that the fraction of the Netblock in the Sejm to protest against the extension of the period allotted to the Commission on work and writing a conclusion.

Commission scientists still have not managed to access the volume of data stored in the Office for the protection of the Constitution — part of the archives of the KGB at the time, was transferred to this Agency for safekeeping. This is a personal card agents, log recruits, operational and criminal cases and other documents.

The Commission hopes that the two historians will give access to state secrets, which requires the Bureau to protect the Constitution from those who want to learn the secret documents of the Soviet era. "It's no problem" — said a member of the Commission, judge Juris Stokens.

The ritar Jansons, however, said he had no doubt that the competence and experience of the same Stalans allow him to study the documents of the KGB, but he could not say the same about the other two researchers who volunteered to gain admission to the state secret, to work on the files — because these two are not even members of the Commission. "Will they even qualified for this great work," says Jansons.