Chairman of the parliamentary faction "Unity" Solvita Aboltina told LETA that, if Yudin will put forward its proposal, it will be considered at the meeting of the faction. Offer innovative, and the need to assess, will not cause whether the adoption of the law legal damage principles. In addition, the idea criticized Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis.

The head of the faction sacs August Brigmanis, speaking about the proposal Yudin, said that, "the farther into the forest, the more wood, and the farther we go, the original performance". When the offer Yudina is established, a fraction of it will discuss.

Thus, according to Brigmanis, it is "conceptually open" to the public, he also admits that the idea can be expanded, that is, to publish materials and other high-profile cases, for example, "Krajbanka" and "Parex". Therefore, the required consistency, clear limits and criteria.

VL-TB/LNNK would support such a bill and is ready to cooperate in its development, said the party co-Chairman Gaidis Berzins.