The Latvians were attracted to open accounts at Swedish banks, to obtain Bank cards and pass them to the organizers of the scheme. For this they received a reward. The scheme was attended by 14 residents of Latvia, at least four of them have already died.

"Swedish investigators and prosecutors this year revealed the major fraud in tax fraud, which was attended by many construction firms and bogus companies. The purpose of the scheme was to obtain cash to pay wages in envelopes to workers from Eastern Europe", says TV3.

To the Bank accounts of these people were transferred hundreds of thousands of euros.

People who were willing to act as figureheads, the creators of the schema found in Riga near the homeless shelters and at Central market. Future Directors and owners of firms on the ferry went to Sweden, where they went to the banks, open accounts and sign all the necessary paperwork.

All this happened relatively recently - from 2014 to mid-2016, but four of the Latvian party schemes have already died. Most likely, their death is related to active consumption of alcoholic beverages.

However, the Swedish justice has not put forward any charges to the Latvian participants in the fraudulent scheme.