Chief inspector of the Ventspils police Svetlana Belova confirmed that last Wednesday the body of the drowned "was seen by local fishermen at the third pier, just opposite the place where the man in February was fishing and fell through the ice, only on the opposite Bank of Venta".

According to police, the identity of the drowned already installed — the family identified him — this is the fisherman 1981 born 12 February fell through the ice. In the state the incident is under investigation and the results of the medical examination are not yet available. But according to the preliminary conclusion that death is not caused by the violent action.

Recall, the volunteers at the request of parents of drowned fisherman and the Ventspils police several times went on a quest to Parvenu with an underwater robot. The first day was discovered the outline of a body under water, but then the body of a fisherman Ventspils divers-rescuers, 112 failed to raise because of the lack of the necessary equipment for diving. The next day, divers from Liepaja to the specified point of the body has been discovered. After a few days, volunteers came again. But sonar no longer showed traces of man on the screen of the equipment for underwater searches.

Another — day — the search for volunteers held in April on their own initiative: they were looking for two fishermen drowned and at Usma, and in vent. Boat was surveyed large areas of the river until the exit to the port and open sea. Two days of searches drowned in the vent of a fisherman (31.04.17 — 01.04.17) did not give the expected result, in spite of all the efforts and dedication of volunteers, who for long hours with short breaks, one after another, cruising on a motor boat with special equipment Venta river.

All of the searches on the shore were drowned loved ones — mother, father and daughter, who have not lost hope that their loved one will find it. Passed more than 200 thousand square meters, but the outlines of a man underwater acoustic equipment that day never showed.