All the days of Holy week are called "saints" and "great". This time of spiritual transformation and repentance, a time of deep sorrow and great prosperity. It begins, traditionally, with Great (Passion) Monday. On this day, remember the old Testament stories about Joseph as a type of the coming suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every day of Holy week great and Holy, and in each of them in all the churches special services are performed. The divine services of Holy week are particularly spectacular, decorated with wisely placed the prophetic, Apostolic and gospel readings, vozvyshennosti, inspired PE
shapename and a number of profoundly symbolic, reverent rituals.

Pascal's wager and Holy week

Holy week is a special time. These days you cannot live in a relaxed way, to live as if Christ is not crucified for our salvation. People often think: you only live once. So let's walk around, enjoy and have fun! But rejecting Christ, considering themselves to be unbelievers, not responding to baptismal divine love, they deprive themselves of the grace of joy and the meaning of life. There is Pascal's wager: the man who believes in Christ, wins eternal life if he is right, and no one loses anything, if he's wrong