Service assistants for the disabled was established without a serious evaluation and a systematic approach — not identified the persons to whom it should be given, the purpose stated is very declarative and General, said the state auditor Elita krūmiņa.

The goal is to relieve family members of persons with disabilities, who make up 76% of entities serving people with disabilities, is also not achieved. You should limit the number of cases where the assistants of persons with disabilities are members of their families, and to provide this service, involving services of professionals, indicates the national audit office.

Allocated annually to the Ministry of education and science from the budget of 1-1. 2 million euros to provide services of the assistants of the disabled in educational institutions absolutely are redistributed for other purposes, most often for repairs, concluded the auditors.

To improve the situation the national audit office prepared for the Ministry of welfare recommendations, implementation of which will help you to achieve your goals.