But if you think about it, then "rake" these always manifest as a process, once consciously chosen and implemented in the future, just in different situations.
And, more often than implemented, the better we remember fades into the habit.

All right, this is the process we are launching themselves, CONSCIOUSLY adopting a certain decision, which then triggers a chain of thoughts, of actions, which further lead to undesirable results for us.

And the solution to it — whatever it is — is always associated with the suppression itself, the abandonment of their interests and desires, and furious attempts to justify the denial on a conscious level.

Often the "rake" is clearly reflected in some certain sphere of life, for example in romantic relationships, with money or people, and ignored, or just not being seen in other areas of life.

As is usually the case in life — "all men — goats", "I cheated again with the money", "I am the eternal loser", "I always go, sat on the neck", "I'm a working stiff, but she doesn't so".

And if you look and keep track of all such situations, it is possible to clearly see the PROCESS of devaluation itself, the betrayal of themselves and their interests, and, characteristically, this process will be different actors, scenery, nuances, but not its essence. Moreover, this process is always emotional and energy and is associated with the self.

And everyone can deal with their "rake", just by thinking and expanding on the stages of this process, describing the stages and keep track of feelings and emotions inherent in each stage.

I got one of those "rake", which is clearly reflected in one area of my life, namely with the works, and implicit in other fields. When I caught this process and sort through, somehow everything just fell into place, and helped to change the situation.