The story of the travels of the brave ship's doctor Gulliver through the lands of lilliput and the giants staged by Director Edgar Niklason, which is in the genre of theatre of dolls debuted in 2014 with a performance of "the Herb Big hat". The creative team of the performance, the Director invited the artist-set designer Cynthia Jekabsone, composer Kaspar Niklason and animator Lisette to Murovska.

The events of the play, addressed to children of preschool and younger school age, actors Vladimir Svoboda, Christina Varsha and Elina Feofanova will compete using miniature puppets and huge objects, animations, and printed in a three-dimensional silicone figurines.

Novel-pamphlet "Gulliver's Travels", which was first published in 1735, became a classic of English drama. In this satire on the diverse and, at times, curious manifestations of human nature and a parody of the journey. Although ideologically complex novel to the child's perception and topics raised in it, is not for children, due to the popularity of its two parts on the lilliput and the land of giants, it is often grouped with children's literature. Edgar Niklason created for puppet theatre original play, using as a basis this part of swift's satirical novel. The new theater will show young viewers that adults can get in funny and unpredictable situations, of which seems impossible to find the exit.

Tickets to the premiere and the following performances are already on sale in all places, Biļešu paradīze.