Leonardo Sacco, more than 15 years drove the brothers of charity in the city of Isola di Capo Rizzuto (Calabria), directed the center for reception as if it was a private firm "And he did this under the leadership of don Edoardo Scorpio, the priest, who was, according to representatives of the judiciary, a true dominus, the "master" of this structure", — stated in the article. And according to the testimony of one repentant criminal, adds the author, Scorpio is probably even "biological father Sacco".

The relationship between these two entities is intertwined with the likely relationship of both of them with the members of the clan arena, which they provided most of the earnings through contracts for contracts registered on the nominees, as well as the employment of relatives and friends, according to the newspaper. Communication managers reception centre for refugees in Isola di Capo Rizzuto and representatives of the Ndrangheta (the Calabrian mafia) — all of them are now behind bars — was established in the investigation of the carabinieri of the ROS (Special operational group), writes Sarzanini.

In the environment of repentant criminals who have cooperated with representatives of the judiciary, Sacco was known as "gabibbo" (a comic Italian television character