The game, held on April 14, ended with the victory of Jurmala "Spartak" (2:1), but the bitter aftertaste left from the game captain of "Jelgava", Gints Freimanis. The player in the middle of the second half struck an elbow to the head of the opponent (Claws Balinese) and the incident was left without attention by the chief referee Alexander Anufriev.

Has not responded the judge and the other moment in this match with the participation of Freimanis, when on 59 minutes, this is the second foiled attack opponent near the touchline, hands stopping striker Spartak Kozlov, for which it is deserved yellow card.

DK LF based on the video and the impact of Balinese decided to disqualify Freimanis three games and punished with a monetary fine in the amount of 170 euros.

It would be nice to know now and about sanctions against the arbiter from the "open" in the Federation Committee of the judiciary.