Criminals with a homemade bomb rode motorcycles. The attacks were carried out from 19:30 to 20:30 local time.

Seven attacks occurred in Narathiwat is the southernmost province of Thailand, with access to the sea. There are three hand grenades were detonated at a checkpoint in the area of Jingo in the district of Sakhon in homes County Waeng. Around the same time the bomb exploded in the area Rise in the same province. In the area of Grade a grenade exploded in the premises of the special operations group in the area Takbo Bai was attacked in a military base in the district of Sungai PADI terrorists ambushed a group to help law enforcement volunteers.

In the province of Pattani, one grenade at a police station in the district of Capo, several grenades exploded at a police station Sarong in the area of Yarangas, and at a checkpoint in the district Mayo.

In the province of Songkhla in the area Thefe fighters fired at the military detachment in the village of Ban Joib. About 20 hours, two militants on a motorcycle threw a grenade at a police booth in front of the police station in the district of Chan. Two bombs accidentally exploded at the base of volunteers in the district of Saba Yoi, killing two attackers. According to The Nation, a homemade bomb exploded after falling from the motorcycle.

Reuters reports that explosions were also in the province of Yala, bordering the provinces of Songkhla, Pattani and Narathiwat, as well as two Malaysian States.

"This is the work of people who want to cause chaos. It looks like they were going to kill as many people as possible, and just cause clutter," said Reuters the representative of the office of internal security Colonel Uttamam, Patchman.

Nevertheless, it is reported about two dead and three wounded, said The Australian, adding that the attack occurred in the 11 districts of the three provinces. The police chief of Narathiwat Manas, Sisamut issued a decree to bring all 19 police stations in the southern border provinces on full alert. No terrorist organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

In the southern provinces is a long separatist resistance, which the Muslim majority southern Thailand has a Buddhist government. They advocate the independence of the provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat from Thailand and getting them back is part of Malaysia or for the creation of an independent Islamic state.

A series of explosions occurred in the South of Thailand, Pattani province in August 2016, 11 and 12 occurred on August 13 explosions, including the resort Hua hin, Krabi, Phuket, in which four people were killed and 35 were injured. The police, however, did not qualify the bombings as terrorist attacks, declaring them "an internal matter" and not the handiwork of an international terrorist group.

Talks between the Thai government and a group of rebel organizations began in 2013 with the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, but in 2014, overthrew the military junta. In April, the junta government under the leadership of Pruta Chan Eyes rejected the proposal of the main Muslim separatist group fighting in the South of the country, to enter into peace negotiations.