Participants of meeting "For a decent job and a decent wage for a healthy and educated person in Latvia" have come to share with the slogan "Quality education is not free!", "We will not be silent! Everyone should protect the rights to accessible and quality health care, "Our silence is harmful to your health, Stop self homeowners!", "The government, Wake up!", "Citadele", "Liepajas Metallurgs the" — what will be the next Scam the government for our taxes?" etc.

The leader of the trade unions Peteris Krigers, opening the meeting, said that today people gathered on dome square, to discuss problems that require solutions. While those requirements which were made earlier, have remained unheeded.

Krigers stressed that public safety is threatened — the queue for health services, low salaries for police and teachers do not contribute to the sense of security in Latvia.

The head of the Latvian trade Union of education and science Ilze Vanaga, addressing the gathering, noted that a lot of work invested in various measures, but not enough invested in the people themselves. She stressed that the government should invest in the development of teachers and solve the problems of payment for teachers.