Life is different, offering us to develop, despite the diplomas, acquired profession on which we, in virtue of those or other circumstances, can not work. And time is running out. We need money to live, we need new knowledge for self-development and self-improvement, and just – new profession related to the it sphere is not only a tribute to time but also step up with him.

And here comes QA Academy company, gained recognition in Belarus and Russia, proven as a serious training center and now came to the Baltics.

Director QA Academy Yuri Annushkin told about new promising career of a software tester:
On the local labour market a new profession – software tester – demand in any company related to it sector.

Testing is a promising area to start a career in which you can have after several months of training in specialized courses such as we offer at QA Academy.

In addition, for successful completion of training is more important than personal qualities such as determination, curiosity, criticality and care, not a reference to the last or main occupation.

Having received the necessary technical and practical knowledge, you move on to the next step where you will be training in it company and work on the position Junior tester. Then it all depends on your ambitions and plans: you can become a technical expert and a Manager of a team of testers (QA manager).

When we choose something for ourselves we try to choose the best. In any sphere. Is it a profession and work are not the cornerstone in our material world?

Therefore, it is important to get a modern profession, learning from the best in this field, those who can provide a high level of education, teachers of the highest class, of the company, has established itself in the market of information technologies – such as QA Academy.

So who is the the tester SOFTWARE?
The software tester is a specialist who deals with software testing to detect various errors in his work and their timely correction. In other words, the tester checks the websites, mobile apps, online shopping, games, social network, software for banks, educational institutions, hospitals and helps you quickly find defects in their work, making the software more reliable, easier to use, safer.

There are some different name for this profession — QA engineer, which typically involves a wider range of responsibilities.

The tester monitors the quality of the product after its development, and the task of the QA engineer – integrated quality assurance software at all stages of development, release and operation.

Why get training QA Academy?

QA Academy – international centre for education and training of software testers. The centre was opened in 2008 in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) on the basis of A1QA – largest company on quality assurance in Central and Eastern Europe.

The centre was originally offered only full-time training program in Minsk, but active interest in training students from different countries was the basis for the introduction of a new format of learning, and in 2016 appeared online courses in English and Russian languages, and in 2017 and training of mixed type on the basis of the University of Latvia.

the center helped me to learn a new profession, more than 1500 graduates, most of which successfully works testers Manager in quality assurance in it companies.

Today, distance courses QA Academy students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Greece, USA and other countries.

In addition to the promising new profession, the "log in" which is just two months of starting their studies in the QA-Academy gain the opportunity to become part of a larger community of people who every day make the world of information technology better, easier and safer for all of us.