Refugees from the camp Moriah — the man who on April 16 visited Pope Francis, — the officials were doused with water, and threw stones at police.

Some protesters were injured. According to Reuters, the revolt began in that wing of the camp, where there are teenagers. They, according to the police, began to set fire to trash cans.

According to Greek newspaper Proto Thema, the migrants learned that about 400 applications for asylum were rejected, has met the Minister for migration policy of Greece Yannis Mosalasi reproaches, and then began to throw his plastic water bottles.

After the attack on Mosalase interfered with police who tried to restore order, then the migrants began to throw the police with stones and everything that came to hand.

The riots spread throughout the camp, so the police had to evacuate non-governmental organizations, and the special forces to make efforts to localize the revolt.

Refugees are dissatisfied with their mass return to Turkey in the framework of the agreement with the European Union, designed to stop the flow of migration to Europe. According to the website Salon, Tuesday to Turkey in the town of Gulluk, çeşme and Dikili 49 arrived refugees, taken from the Greek Islands of KOs, Chios and Lesbos.

Recall that the preliminary plan the return of irregular migrants from Europe to Turkey was agreed at an emergency meeting of EU leaders and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on March 7. The final agreement was reached on March 17-18, when the leaders of the countries — members of European Union and Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu signed an agreement on the return of illegal migrants through Turkey to Greece, in exchange for visa-free regime for Turkish citizens, additional funding in the amount of three billion euros and the reception in the EU of Syrian refugees from Turkey. The exchange of migrants was launched on 4 April.

In early April, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the EU of reneging on commitments undertaken in the framework of the Treaty. The European Commission announced April 20 that on may 4 will offer Turkey to introduce visa-free regime with the end of June, if Ankara will carry out a number of the remaining conditions.