In 2016 at the customs post MAPP "Burachki" of the Pskov customs (the Russian-Latvian border) customs officers prevented illegal movement across the customs border of the five books of the XIX and XX centuries edition. All books are in a satisfactory condition, they were published in 1840, 1912, 1914, bound with skin. At the conclusion of the examination, all the books belong to the cultural values of as publications created over 100 years ago.

At the customs post of checkpoint "Posing" Pskov customs (the Russian-Latvian border) in 2016, a citizen of the Russian Federation to the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union in hand Luggage from Latvia moved undeclared and not brought to the customs control of the old flintlock gun on a wooden handle with metal plates metal-yellow.2.*

The results of the examination of soldiers ' muzzle-loading pistol model of 1848, caliber 13 mm with capsule lock with most likely was manufactured at the Izhevsk arms factory. The gun was subjected to alteration, despite it is in a satisfactory condition. The gun belongs to the cultural values of antique weapons.