Yesterday odinochniy presented a short program, where Kowalska with 57,92 score rating remained sixth, and Nikitin with the amount 54,59 rounded out the top ten.

The arbitrary performance of Latvian athletes left much to be desired (both once fell) and eventually lost his personal records: Kowalska assessment 103,37 was eighth, Nikitina received from the judges score of 94,43 and showed the 12th result.

The sum of the two programs angelina Kowalska took at the Junior world championship-2016 7-th place, and Nikitina retained the seat at the end of the top ten strongest.

Above all the judges appreciated the free program Japanese women Marin Honda (126,87), which amount 192,98 points and became world champion. The silver went to Russian Maria Sotskova (188,72), bronze — another representative of the Rising sun Wakaba Higuchi (182,73).

Figure skating. The 2016 world Cup. Debrecen (March 19). Junior women. Final classification.

1. Marin Honda (Japan) — 192,98.
2. Maria Sotskova (Russia) — 188,72.
3. Wakaba Higuchi (Japan) — 182,73...
7. Angelina Kowalska (Latvia) — 161,29...
10. Diana Nikitina (Latvia) — 149,02...