The staff of the airbase in Hamima in Syria began loading equipment and property on military transport planes and preparing for the flights of Russian aircraft on airfields in Russia, reports TASS with reference to the Russian defense Ministry.

"The technical staff of the airbase started to prepare the aircraft for the implementation of long flights on the airfield in the Russian Federation. Personnel load equipment, logistical means and equipment for aircraft military transport aviation", — stated in the message.

As reported by "RIA Novosti", the Russian aircraft ATT if you are doing long flights will make an intermediate landing at the aerodromes of the Russian Federation.

On Monday evening the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared that March 15 will start a major withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria, as the tasks assigned to the Russian Ministry of defense.

The locations of Russian military in Syria - the Tartus naval and aviation at the airport Hamim – will, according to Putin, "to function as usual".

American intelligence-analytical Agency Stratfor, commenting on the decision of Moscow, said that Russia in General has achieved those goals we set ourselves, from the Syrian campaign in September of last year.

On the night of Tuesday the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria Putin discussed with President Barack Obama.