His closest rival Zac goldsmith is gaining 35% of votes. Given that most of the votes already counted, this ratio is unlikely to change.

To date, announced on 13 of the 14 London Assembly — an elected body in the UK, which is part of the greater London Authority. The labour party won 8 seats, the conservatives— 5.

Voter turnout was 45%, which is 7% higher than during the previous elections of the mayor in 2012.

While there was a counting of votes, Khan said, "I always get nervous". "I liked the way the campaign was conducted. I always liked to communicate with Londoners, and the last 24 hours have been simply fantastic," said Khan.

Sadiq Khan, a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan, one of eight children of the couple, who came to Britain in the 60-ies of the last century. His main rival of the conservatives is a graduate of Eton, the son of billionaire Zac goldsmith.

On a post of the mayor of London ran another ten people, but no hope to compete with Khan and Goldsmith, they did not have.

Voters were given the opportunity to choose two candidates from a long list, putting, whom they tied for first place.

If none of the candidates gains a simple majority of 50% plus one vote, then takes into account the results of the second preference choice of the voter.

Whoever becomes mayor, he will have the most serious personal mandate for any political office in the UK. The winner will be succeeding the popular conservative Boris Johnson, which, in turn, won against Ken Livingstone — the first in Europe a gay mayor.

The mayor of London controls several key areas in the capital — transport, police, environment, housing and urban planning.

The mayor of London, a post established in 2000 by the government of Tony Blair. He restored the institution of the greater London Council, which was abolished by Margaret Thatcher.

The mayor is elected for a term of four years and may be elected as many times as you want.

Speaking in Sheffield, the leader of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn said that the candidate of the conservatives ' Zac goldsmith was involved in a campaign to discredit Sadiq Khan, trying to associate him with extremists. Such tactics, according to Corbin, went sideways for a goldsmith and only helped the Khan to get around his opponent.

Sadiq Khan if he wins will become the first Muslim mayor of the capital of the EU.