In his speech, the Chairman of the Seimas noted in particular members of the Supreme Council who voted for the restoration of independence of Latvia on 4 may 1990. "Did those 138 characters — they understood that the vote on may 4, extends beyond their personal life, beyond time. And this work they did," said Murniece.

The speaker noted that in independent Latvia has grown a new generation. With 2011 demographic indicators in the country are beginning to please — more babies are born. Also, the state cares more about homeland security — launched a program of media support in Latgale, has a first extension along the Eastern border, adopted significant amendments to the Criminal law.

Murniece, addressing the audience, stressed that in today's Latvia there are hundreds and thousands of people who are able to make something more of their personal interests, which daily bears the benefit of the people of Latvia. "There are such people everywhere in Latvia. Teachers, doctors, scientists of the Institute of organic synthesis, which, in spite of the meager support for science, continue to develop industries with high added value," — said the Chairman of the Seimas.

In conclusion, Murniece pointed out that many of those who on may 4 was not "over", and their ideological supporters continue to yearn for the Soviet regime, rejoice in the errors, cast doubt on the fact of occupation, publish articles about the failures of the country, sow distrust in the future of Latvia. "Our response is in love for Latvia, belief in the future of their country, to conscientious work and constant care of security", — said the speaker.