"Unfortunately, we still didn't get rid of bad habits in conversation, we too quickly turn into a foreign language, even if we want to speak Latvian," said Murniece.

"Finally we agreed on a gradual transition to teaching in the state language. This decision was endorsed by Advisory Council on education of national minorities. This work should be done for a long time", - said the speaker of the Sejm.

"The language question followed the last time to speak in 2012 when the referendum three quarters of the more than a million voters voted that in Latvia there should be only one state language. This is a question not to be discussed", - the politician noted.

"Not using the state language in public communication, we provide a disservice to the representatives of national minorities. Who today want disservice," - said Murniece.

In her speech, she also noted that the Parliament should work to earn more trust from society. This writes LETA.

Murniece noted that in the process of formation of the Latvian state important points were the principles of parliamentarism and democracy. "Parliamentarianism and democracy are the foundations of the Latvian state, it is therefore important to strengthen them today," - said the speaker.

Murniece stressed that the diet should increase the credibility of their work. "The Seimas is given the greatest mandate, and we trust have to meet every day," she said, adding that the Parliament should adopt laws that benefit the whole society.

She reminded that last November 18, when at the solemn meeting gather deputies of the 12th Saeima, because the 100th anniversary of state will be elected the new Parliament.

"So let us work so that the Parliament has earned more trust from the society," urged deputies of the Chairman of the Seimas.