The incident occurred may 1. The man climbed on the outer side of the balcony, but I could not resist and fell. He died on the spot. In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification.

This is not the first tragic incident for the last time in Russia and in the world when trying to take a selfie. In August last year in Primorye, the schoolgirl fell from a 30-metre cliff, trying to do a selfie. She died at the scene. In September in Vologda 17-year-old fell from the roof of 9-storey building, trying to do a selfie in a simulated emergency situation of a fall. From the received traumas the young man died in the hospital.

In June last year in the Rostov region of the two girls were electrocuted while shooting a self-portrait on the train-tank. In may of 2015 in Ryazan killed a student who was doing a selfie on a railway bridge.

And in April of this year in Abakan drunk man while trying to take a selfie climbed over the bridge railing and fell into the bottom of the car passing freight train. He came to himself, when the train stood at the station, Tasheba. Abakans escaped with a fracture of the calcaneus, reminds

In November 2014, the Polish tourist crashed in Spain when trying to make selfi on the bridge in Seville. 23-year-old girl decided to imprint themselves on the smartphone of the night on the edge of the bridge, the Puente de Isabel II. A few minutes, she lingered, but lost his balance and fell down.