28-year old Brit decided to celebrate a good catch and kiss a 14-inch sea - fish from the squad kamaloops, but at this point, the fish slipped from his hand and literally jumped into the mouth of the men told his friend. The man, whose name is unknown, stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest right on the pier of the seaside resort of Boscombe, a suburb of the British city of Bournemouth. The ambulance workers managed in the ambulance to pull the fish from the throat of the victim with forceps.

Nurse Matt Harrison said: "We need as soon as possible to remove the fish from the patient, otherwise he would not have reached the hospital." "I knew that I had one chance to get it right if I let go of the tongs or fish would have slid to the side and went out of the field of view, or it has come off a piece, we wouldn't be able to do to clear the airway".

According to the paramedic, fish teeth and gills stuck in the throat of the victim, but in the end they also managed to extract. It was the most unusual case in his entire medical practice, said the doctor.

Members of the local nautical club of Boscombe Pier Sea Anglers was trying to do CPR on the victim until the ambulance arrived. A community representative Ian Cowie said: "He was kissing a fish, and this time she jumped into his throat. It's a local tradition to kiss the first fish caught". The ambulance workers managed to restore the heartbeat of a fisherman on the pier in three minutes

Saved the life of a fisherman Matt Harrison added: "We are very pleased that the patient had no side effects in connection with the cardiac arrest that could easily lead to tragic and irreversible consequences".