According to the Ministry of health, the Minister announced Belevich (sacs) on Monday met with medical students, representatives of the Latvian hospital society, the Latvian Union of local governments, Latvian Association of rural family doctors and universities, to discuss the draft amendments in rules of Cabinet of Ministers on the distribution of residents and funding of residency.

As the Minister noted, the new procedure provides that young doctors after completion of training during residency should be ready to go to work in medical establishments outside Riga. To do so invited the Latvian hospital society given the shortage of doctors in regional hospitals.

Students will be offered two options. The first stipulates that a young doctor enters into a contract with a medical facility or a government outside Riga that after graduation for a certain period of time will work in a particular place according to specialty. These students will be accepted into the residency priority, but given the success during the training. The second option provides that a young doctor enters the residency in a General manner and after a certain time working for the state or municipal institution or family doctor practice.

According to the Minister, this system will help to solve the problems with availability of medical care in the regions.

Belevich reminded that the priority order of students ' admission into residency applied last year, and this opportunity was used by 54 students. The Minister also said that last year managed to allocate 1.7 million Euro to save in the residency of the current 200 places, and in the future it is planned to increase funding and the number of doctors resident.