The winner was awarded a crown of white gold decorated with diamonds and pearls worth more than $ 1 million. The award she received from the hands of the winner of last year Yana Dobrovolskaya, reports TASS. Polina Popova also received a cash prize of 3 million roubles, the car and the opportunity to represent Russia at the contest "Miss World" and "Miss universe". The title of first Vice-miss was won by Ksenia Aleksandrova from Moscow, the second Vice-miss became Albina Akhtyamova from the Republic of Bashkortostan. Girls had the opportunity to choose to study any University in the world.

Popov said that he will study in Russia: "I studied Chinese language... I Wanted to go to China, but my plans currently have changed... Russia is the best place to live for the future, for family, for children".

Among my Hobbies Popova primarily refers to cooking. "I love to cook. In my family there are men — older brother and dad, I cook with pleasure for them," she told TASS. Pauline also told reporters that he has no plans to spend his prize money: "I am top model and earn good money".

This year applications for participation in the competition has not submitted the representatives of the Caucasian republics of Russia.