In addition to the aircraft themselves derived from the base and many of the staff involved in the maintenance of equipment.

According to Konashenkov, was based on the minimum number of aircraft required to monitor compliance with the cessation of hostilities and air strikes on targets groups Islamic state and al-Nusra Front" (both organizations are banned in Russia).

Russia March 14 announced the withdrawal from Syria of its military group, which operated there for six months. Russia claimed that just bombed the positions of radical Islamists, but the West said that Moscow is actually supported by air strikes by Syrian government forces.

From the 27th of February in Syria, an agreement on a cease-fire. At the same time, the ongoing battle for the city of Aleppo, part of which is controlled by government forces, as part of the rebel troops, put the truce to the brink of collapse.

The armistice means that military action will continue only in respect of the groups "Islamic state", "Front EN-Nusra" and other extremist organizations identified by the UN security Council.