"All flights by Russian aircraft are in compliance with international regulations use of airspace," — said on Saturday the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

"At the same time, I want to note that the reconnaissance aircraft RC-135U whenever trying to sneak up to the Russian border with the transponder off, he said. — Therefore, the duty air defense forces have to lift into the air, our fighter to visually identify the aircraft type and tail number".

Konashenkov said: "the problems the U.S. air force there are two solutions: either not to fly near our borders, or include a transponder for automatic identification our radar by means of objective control".

As noted by the representative of the defense Ministry, "we are already starting to get used to the insults of representatives of the Pentagon for alleged "unprofessional" maneuvers of our fighters in intercepting the Russian borders American reconnaissance aircraft".

"By the way, the other reconnaissance aircraft Boeing OC-135B in the framework of the international Treaty on "Open skies" landed today in Ulan-Ude, — said the Konashenkov. And no one raised fighter jets to identify it".

The American CNN TV channel with reference to the representative of the Ministry of defense on April 29 reported that the Russian fighter su-27 on Friday, made a "barrel" over the spy plane of the U.S. air force RC-135 that was doing a reconnaissance flight in international airspace over the Baltic sea. According to him, a Russian fighter jet made the maneuver at a distance of about 30 m from us aircraft.

The representative of the press service of the Ministry of defense of the United States bill urban said to "Interfax": "This dangerous and unprofessional of aerial interception could cause serious damage and injury to all members of the crew. More importantly, these dangerous and unprofessional actions of one pilot can escalate unnecessary tension between our countries".

At the Pentagon claim that "29 April 2016 the US air force RC-135, was carrying out routine flight in international airspace over the Baltic sea, was intercepted by a Russian su-27 unsafe and unprofessional manner".