In the government's action plan contains a detailed description of the sections the governmental Declaration, and for each of the tasks specified measures, results, responsible authorities and deadline.

The implementation of the plan will be reviewed together with the social partners twice a year — in January and July.

Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis today announced that the action plan of the government seized several items at the same time returned some items on which clear sources of funding. He briefly told about the main objectives of the plan, for example, about a balanced GDP growth of 5% from 2018, and also noted that an important issue is the security of the state.

Then each of the Ministers outlined the main objectives of his Department. For example, for the Ministry of agriculture is the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas, the search for new export markets.

For the Ministry of Finance important issues are the observance of financial discipline, predictable tax policy, for the Ministry of communication — development of clear models of financing road infrastructure, the implementation of the project "Rail Baltica".

The document also expressed the resolve to increase the indexation of pensions, to support families with children and Latvians who live abroad but intend to return. In the area of judicial reform it is planned to create larger and stronger of the courts, to balance the workload of judges. The government is committed to complete the process of joining the Organization for economic cooperation and development, to strengthen cooperation in the Baltic region and Scandinavia, to develop air defense. In the field of health the government intends to fight the queues and provide additional funding for specific groups of patients such as children and cancer patients.

In education the main priority is improving access and reforming the content of education and the Ministry of culture the main task — preparation for the centenary of Latvia.