The interior Ministry has proposed amendments to the current immigration act, adopted in 2002.

Finance Minister Dzintars rasnačs objected to the clause that the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers can establish how much and what kind of professions require migrant workers.

Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis has declared that against the further advance of the report of the Ministry of interior has no legal objection, but there are political. He offered coalition partners to hold discussions on the bill.

In the report, the interior Ministry said that Latvia are different standards for reunification of families based on citizenship. Now the most extensive rights to family reunification are EU citizens — even more than citizens of Latvia.

The interior Ministry proposed to grant the right to family reunification to registered partners of citizens, non-citizens of Latvia and citizens of third countries having permanent residence permit. Asked to provide partners, children, partners and parents of these people a residence permit for six years. The interior Ministry also proposes to abolish the requirement to issue the call for these people.

This would help to reduce the emigration of people for the purpose of family reunification, said the Ministry.

Also proposed to exempt from the necessity of registration of vacancies those employers who wish to hire a foreigner, who have already worked in Latvia for at least two years. Researchers that have a contract with registered in Latvia scientific institution, it was proposed to grant the right to teach in Latvia.

Also offered to foreigners working in Latvia for at least two years, could change the employer, does not annul a residence permit if the period of unemployment lasts for more than two months.

Another proposal — to clarify the conditions of stay of family members of a foreign investor in Latvia after his death. The interior Ministry proposes that foreigners who along with the employment contract are registered in the commercial register by officials of enterprises, receive a residence permit as persons registered in the commercial register.

Students of the interior Ministry proposes to issue a residence permit for a period of six months longer than stipulated by the contract on training to the student to obtain and legalize the diploma and apply for request a visa if he plans to continue study, work or start a business in Latvia.