"This is an extremely important change, is handed over to BNS by the Ministry of defence of the word Hanso. — Our allies have realised that NATO in our region protects not only Estonia or the Baltic countries, but also the security of the entire NATO. Everyone should understand that NATO protects its borders where there are challenges in security — they now exist in our region. Thus, sending us additional units of the allies is perfectly reasonable and welcome. We put a lot of effort for this purpose".

"The presence of allies will give us an additional sense of confidence. Estonia has a serious self-defense, which we purposefully and systematically developed, explained Hanzo. — We have achieved political consensus to spend on public defense of at least 2% of GDP, which is talking about the perception of the entire political sector of the need for the development of the military defense of the state. Since we also need the contribution of allies to guarantee their security, associated with the presence of allies costs we cover in addition to 2 percent. We must be good hosts, offering arriving units decent conditions for living and training".

"Current news, although encouraging, are still preliminary. A formal decision on placing of additional units of the allies in our region, we will jointly formulate at the meeting of NATO defense Ministers in June and present their solutions at the summit in Warsaw. To time to need to do a lot of work," added Hanso.