Earlier, the coalition had already agreed that in the Parliament MPs will vote against these amendments, implying that insurance OST need to buy for any outstanding vehicle owner — whether it is involved in the transport movement or not.

Amendments to the law on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of land vehicles was prepared by the Ministry of Finance. The amendments were approved by Cabinet, but they still had to consider the diet.

The Finance Ministry stated that according to included in the road traffic act definition of a road traffic accident can happen in any place where you can traffic, if the accident involved a vehicle.

The law will also be supplemented by a provision that is included in the third part 19 of the articles of the amounts of insurance indemnity applies only to cases dealt with on an uncontested basis. Do not agree with the amount of compensation the injured in an accident third party has the right to request the insurer or in the Latvian Bureau of insurers of vehicles with a request to reconsider the decision on compensation. If necessary, you can also contact the court.

In the future, the insurer will be entitled to file a recourse claim against the driver of the vehicle who ran it without proper driving licence.