Status approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the investments from EU funds as at 25 April 2017 is very good, as is left to make decisions about the allocation of EU funding in the amount of 291 million euros or 6.6% of total funding in the amount of 4.4 billion euros, said the Ministry of Finance.

Active evaluation phase of the projects and conclusion of contracts continues. Progress at the stage of introduction of the Ministry of Finance evaluates projects as a dynamic — three weeks before 25 April 2017 additional approved projects by 93.1 million euros, contracts for € 25.7 million and made payments of $ 8.6 million euros.

Progress is observed mainly in the areas of health, construction, entrepreneurship, environmental protection, transport and education.

Payment plan in the first quarter of 2017 exceeded by 5.4 million euros due to large payments for the renovation projects of state and regional roads.

To date, announced the selection of projects more than 3.6 billion euros, or 82% of the available Latvia financing of the EU funds. Until may 15, the Central Agency of Finance and contracts signed agreements about the projects in the amount of 37.9% of available funding (1.67 billion euros) and paid for projects 7.2% of the funding (317 million euros).

The report of the Ministry of Finance about the development of the EU funds, the Cabinet of Ministers reviewed at the meeting held at Daugavpils University, where he implemented significant co-financed by the EU structural funds projects in the field of education and science.

During the planning of EU funds for 2007-2013 in Daugavpils sold 195 projects for the total amount of 208 million euros. Almost a third were implemented in Latgale projects co-financed from EU funds.