This was announced at a seminar on the application of the tax on real estate, organized by the faction "Unity" in the Riga city Council, the Director of the Department of direct taxes Ministry of Finance Austra Kalani.

"We believe that the basis of calculation shall be the cadastral value", — she said. The payers will have plenty of time to get acquainted with the changes, the official added.

"Regarding the declared place of residence we are very careful — will take into account the solvency and the area of the property," said she.

The Director of the Department of real estate valuation of the State land service Gatis Kalnins told the participants of the seminar on linking the property tax to the cadastral value, noting sharp differences in tax calculation on nearby objects.

According to the law, the base is the cadastral value is reviewed every two years. Cadastral value corresponds to 85% of the market.